Special Wishes

Providing hope despite an uncertain future

About us

Special Wishes Inc was founded in 1986 out of love and compassion for children stricken with life threatening illnesses. Our mission is to make a dream come true for children whose horizons are measured in months and days, and whose dreams of what they will become when they grow up are secondary to dreams of getting well.

The families we assist face the harsh realities of hospitals, chemotherapy, surgeries, and living their lives a day at a time. For many of these a "Special Wish" is all they have left.

We are focused on helping those in need throughout Connecticut. Our entire staff is comprised of volunteers and over 82 cents of every dollar goes to helping families in need. We don't spend on salaries or advertising. We prefer to funnel our resources where they will do the most good--to the wish children and their families.

In addition to our focus on Connecticut children, we are unique because we limit our recipients to those who are 21 or under and to be considered a child need not have a terminal prognosis. We will consider a wish for any child facing a life threatening illness.

Our process


We learn about wish children from our volunteer staff, medical professionals, parents, and other children. Children who have not received a wish from another wish-granting organization are eligible for a wish.

Medical eligibility:

We determine a child's medical eligibility with the help of the treating physician. To receive a wish, the child must be diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition.

Determining the wish:

Our volunteers meet with the wish child to help them choose a wish. We help wish children use their imaginations to choose an experience that is best for them.

Making it Happen:

Our volunteers then make a wish a reality at no cost to the wish family. Granted wishes enrich not just the lives of the wish child and their family, but often an entire community.

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A Moment of Joy

Special Wishes, Inc. gives wish children whatever happiness we can -- a moment of joy -- by making a wish come true. Whether it be a trip to Disney World or another special destination, tickets to a rock concert or sporting event, a day with a favorite movie star or professional athlete, or a special shopping spree, we make wishes come true.

We Care Beyond a Wish

Special Wishes, Inc. recognizes how vital family unity is during a devastating childhood illness. We always strive to send the entire family on a wish trip to provide the gift of precious time together. Many of our wish beneficiaries become friends, volunteers, and supporters of our organization to help other families and children have their wishes come true.

Wishes Do Not Come Easily

Special Wishes, Inc relies entirely on volunteers for all facets of our operations. These include interviewing wish children and their families, organizing and coordinating a special wish, and fund raising to pay for it all. We are strictly a non-profit organization. We would not be able to help those we do without generous support from people like you. Please consider a gift today.

Help Our Connecticut Wish Children

All contributions made to Special Wishes go directly to our Connecticut "wish children". Please help by making a tax-deductible donation. We welcome personal and corporate gifts. Every little bit helps give these special children and their families a moment of joy.