Why Are Sex Dolls So Expensive?

It is true that not everyone is happy with their sex life. With the kind of lifestyle that people have nowadays, they often arrive at home stressed and tired. As a result, they don’t feel the urge to make love with their partner. In fact, some are alone because they don’t even have the time to look for a partner, focusing on their work instead of dating girls. Since a craving for hot live sex is natural for everyone, many people consider the idea of buying a sex doll instead of searching for someone who they can share a commitment with.

Is It Worth the Money to Buy a Sex Doll?

The number of people thinking about buying a silicone sex doll is rapidly increasing, which explains why sex dolls have become widely available. You don’t even have to worry about how you can get one discreetly because you can find many stores in real life or online where you can order your doll. You can find many options to choose from when looking for a sex doll online; they range from the kind of material used to make the love doll, its appearance, and of course, the cost.

You will notice that high-quality sex dolls aren’t cheap. They’re worth the high price, though, because of the benefits they can provide. Instead of putting themselves in danger of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases, using a sex doll can keep men safe. They can even make love whenever they want to, and try out different sexual positions that many women would object to.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to spend much on a sex doll, then all you have to do is to compare the costs of different sex dolls that you can find online. Remember that the material used in the sex doll will affect its price. Silicone is said to be a more expensive material than TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) because of its life-like nature. It looks and feels more natural to have sex with a sex doll made of silicone.

For those who want to save money and can’t afford to have a human sex doll (or they are bored with remote sex with top cam girls), they can settle for just having the torso, which is enough to at least satisfy their urges. And for those who have a big enough budget, there’s no reason to think twice about purchasing a silicone sex doll for an amazing sexual experience, and the doll won’t want even you to take her out for dinner first.

Do Sex Dolls Look Anything Like The Models In Sex Videos?

In the present times, the industry of making sex dolls for men and women are moving out from under the stigma of shame into mainstream attention and widespread use. Proportional with the technology, it is a new trend similar to the one that happened few years ago when people started discovering the beauty of video chat with horny girls. This time, it is even better. At first, sex dolls are commonly delineated as inflatable sex toys: plastic, awkward, and indistinguishable. Be that as it may, there are such huge numbers of more alternatives nowadays, and numerous dolls are adjustable. And one of those more recent types is the more realistic ones – those who look like actual people or the ones we tend to watch in sex videos and porn websites.

The Rise in Popularity of Realistic Sex Dolls

Realistic sex dolls have replaced the plastic blow-up versions of yesterday and are now displayed in front space of specialty sex stores.  Men and women can now enjoy actual sex dolls that are realistically sexy, anatomically correct, while experiencing the ecstasy of intense pleasure with the option of variety without guilt.

Men and women are beginning to break beyond the shackles of shame about the use of their sex doll and revolutionizing the industry simultaneously. Whereas some people who use sex toys have found support, and even celebration, for their use of sex toys as an expression of sexual liberation, other people have instead experienced recoiling chastisement. 

But in the present such reprimand is undergoing a revolution, while the anatomic functionality of the sex dolls that look like real people, both for men and women, are undergoing a technological, and more especially, physical evolution. The history of self-pleasuring is both going ways back to ancient times, and a practice done all over the world. However, technological advances place today’s’ adult dolls in a category of distinction.

The sex doll industry is continually updating. There are more kinds of sex that suit the specific preferences of the person. Men and women have enjoyed sex toys for many years creating a billion-dollar consumer base, now the industry is moving beyond the stigmatism and developing sex dolls that look like real people – whether they be models, celebrities, or the adult stars we see in sex videos and various adult websites and magazines. There are even adult stars that make and sell their own line of sex dolls and toys, with their likes even present in the products. With this revolution, it is no longer impossible to elevate your sexual pleasure and experiences through the use of realistic and beautiful sex toys.

Can You Have Anal Sex With A Love Doll?

When it comes to your sex life, it is perfectly natural to want to enjoy more sexual positions after a long time together. Many of you probably like to try different poses, but it is also possible that your partners are not necessarily thinking the same way as you do.

One example of such sexual position is the anal sex, since it lags behind most women in the wish list, because most women still regard it as a taboo position. It is because they think it hurts to use this position, and they get sick, and worst of all, they get rough treatment. Some women are so disgusted with such sex that they don’t even want to talk about it with their partners. Simply speaking, anal sex is a huge taboo, even with specific live fetishes as BDSM or CFNM anal humiliation.

Why do they view it as such? It may be pretty understandable. The anal tissue is very fragile and inelastic unlike the vagina, so it is easy to tear. Anal sex is also a high-risk behavior, especially when unprotected, for it possibly leads to dangerous results such as vulnerability to AIDS. So do men give up the tight feeling of this sex? Of course not. The use of sex dolls can satisfy your need for this kind of sex. It has no worries about pain or illness, nor will it refuse your request. Sex dolls not only meet your needs for this kind of sex, but also for other kinds of sex, such as oral, pubic and breast sex.

How to Have Anal Sex with Your Sex Doll

So how to have anal sex with your sex doll? There are certain preparations that you have to do before having sexual intercourse with sex doll. Read on this article for you to find them out.

First of all, you need of course, adequate preparation. For that, you need to have lubricants, because the anal area of sex dolls are very small, although they have a certain elasticity. But without lubrication, you will feel pain from friction. If you can use condoms, you can avoid being injured by friction. So you need to make sure that lubricants and condoms are ready.

A proper posture can make you enjoy better sex. You need to choose a more appropriate sexual position according to your height and doll. If you are too anxious to insert, you can start with finger first, then once dilated, you can put it in.