What Is A Cheap Love Doll Made From?

When you’re planning on getting a love doll, one of the first things you consider is the price. This is because a lot of love dolls cost a bit much, even for the average person to buy. The good news about this is that there are still cheaper kinds that will give you almost as if not the same quality with the expensive ones.

The trick is knowing from which manufacturer you should buy. Another option to consider is the kind of material that you want to buy. The materials are what make the difference in pricing. People who want a more realistic doll settle for high-quality materials that are expensive and heavier.

Knowing What Type Of Materials These Dolls Are Made Out Of

Being aware of what your love doll is made of can help you a lot financially. There are two main materials used for these dolls, the silicone, and the TPE type. What are the important things that you need to know about these two materials before buying a doll?

TPE skin is more affordable. This is a good material for love dolls that won’t break your bank. Not only that but the skin is also more realistic, they are softer, and they are more flexible.

Then you have silicone. This is stickier compared to TPE and can sometimes feel like clay, but it can still be fixed with powder. A good thing about silicone dolls is that you can take them into hot baths while you can’t do this with TPE sex dolls.

There’s nothing to worry about both materials since they are also both hyper-allergenic.

Which Material Is Better?

This is one of the hardest decisions someone would make in buying their first dolls. It’s no question that silicone rubber has improved over the years. It is a mix of silicon polymer with hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen. Then you have the thermoplastic elastomer or TPE which is new material.

TPE is less expensive to manufacture which makes TPE dolls way more affordable and more popular. But you also need to make sure that you buy high-quality sex dolls since some tend to be more durable than others.

Should You Start Saving For Your TPE Doll?

Basically, silicone dolls cost about $4,000 and more, if you’re not willing to spend this much then you can settle for TPE dolls. They are cheaper than many silicone dolls and are a good bargain especially if you know how to care and maintain for your TPE doll.

The Most Satisfying Sex Toys For Guys: Love Dolls

There are lots of sex toys for men out there. A lot of guys wanted to get the stimulation that they need for sex so they would get different types of sex toys. They have different kinds of masturbators and massagers to stimulate orgasm. But how can orgasm be stimulated? What is the best sex toy that can do that? Let us answer these questions in this article

Orgasms can be stimulated if the effect is real

Most men who are used to porn and sex would most likely move up to the next level. They are no longer aroused or stimulated by merely seeing a naked girl or watching a typical porn video. What can stimulate them is the reality of what they see and experience.

To further explain this, we can take some few thoughts from porn viewers and guys who are masturbating very often. Most of them would not be sexually aroused and would hardly stimulate orgasms on porn videos that do nothing but penetration, focusing on the penis as it comes in and out of the vagina. Most guys would often get stimulated on romantic and realistic sex. The more real it gets, the more effective it is for them.

This is the same as the effect of sex toys. Sex toys have to be realistic in its massaging or masturbating motion and sensation so that it could stimulate great orgasm. There are lots of sex toys that can do that, but there is the one that can produce reality sex better, they are the sex dolls.

Sex dolls are the most satisfying sex toys because they look and feel real

When it comes to simulating real sex in an actual manner, nothing can beat sex dolls; they are all in one sex toys for men. They can provide men with sexual pleasure that is similar to having sex with a real person. All aspects that lead to arousal and stimulation of orgasm are covered by the sex doll.

In the visual aspect, sex dolls look like a real person. Not only that, they look very attractive. Their face, eyes, hair, nose, ears, and mouth all look sexy and enticing. The body shape is also very hot with different boob and butt sizes you can choose.

In the sexual aspect, there are three ways to have fun with the doll. You can do it by oral, vaginal, or anus. The mouth, vagina, and anus of the doll have holes with soft gel-like ridges and contours inside, making you feel a great massage. Plus, they are odorless.

Can You Have Anal Sex With A Love Doll?

When it comes to your sex life, it is perfectly natural to want to enjoy more sexual positions after a long time together. Many of you probably like to try different poses, but it is also possible that your partners are not necessarily thinking the same way as you do.

One example of such sexual position is the anal sex, since it lags behind most women in the wish list, because most women still regard it as a taboo position. It is because they think it hurts to use this position, and they get sick, and worst of all, they get rough treatment. Some women are so disgusted with such sex that they don’t even want to talk about it with their partners. Simply speaking, anal sex is a huge taboo, even with specific live fetishes as BDSM or CFNM anal humiliation.

Why do they view it as such? It may be pretty understandable. The anal tissue is very fragile and inelastic unlike the vagina, so it is easy to tear. Anal sex is also a high-risk behavior, especially when unprotected, for it possibly leads to dangerous results such as vulnerability to AIDS. So do men give up the tight feeling of this sex? Of course not. The use of sex dolls can satisfy your need for this kind of sex. It has no worries about pain or illness, nor will it refuse your request. Sex dolls not only meet your needs for this kind of sex, but also for other kinds of sex, such as oral, pubic and breast sex.

How to Have Anal Sex with Your Sex Doll

So how to have anal sex with your sex doll? There are certain preparations that you have to do before having sexual intercourse with sex doll. Read on this article for you to find them out.

First of all, you need of course, adequate preparation. For that, you need to have lubricants, because the anal area of sex dolls are very small, although they have a certain elasticity. But without lubrication, you will feel pain from friction. If you can use condoms, you can avoid being injured by friction. So you need to make sure that lubricants and condoms are ready.

A proper posture can make you enjoy better sex. You need to choose a more appropriate sexual position according to your height and doll. If you are too anxious to insert, you can start with finger first, then once dilated, you can put it in.