Can You Have Anal Sex With A Love Doll?

When it comes to your sex life, it is perfectly natural to want to enjoy more sexual positions after a long time together. Many of you probably like to try different poses, but it is also possible that your partners are not necessarily thinking the same way as you do.

One example of such sexual position is the anal sex, since it lags behind most women in the wish list, because most women still regard it as a taboo position. It is because they think it hurts to use this position, and they get sick, and worst of all, they get rough treatment. Some women are so disgusted with such sex that they don’t even want to talk about it with their partners. Simply speaking, anal sex is a huge taboo, even with specific live fetishes as BDSM or CFNM anal humiliation.

Why do they view it as such? It may be pretty understandable. The anal tissue is very fragile and inelastic unlike the vagina, so it is easy to tear. Anal sex is also a high-risk behavior, especially when unprotected, for it possibly leads to dangerous results such as vulnerability to AIDS. So do men give up the tight feeling of this sex? Of course not. The use of sex dolls can satisfy your need for this kind of sex. It has no worries about pain or illness, nor will it refuse your request. Sex dolls not only meet your needs for this kind of sex, but also for other kinds of sex, such as oral, pubic and breast sex.

How to Have Anal Sex with Your Sex Doll

So how to have anal sex with your sex doll? There are certain preparations that you have to do before having sexual intercourse with sex doll. Read on this article for you to find them out.

First of all, you need of course, adequate preparation. For that, you need to have lubricants, because the anal area of sex dolls are very small, although they have a certain elasticity. But without lubrication, you will feel pain from friction. If you can use condoms, you can avoid being injured by friction. So you need to make sure that lubricants and condoms are ready.

A proper posture can make you enjoy better sex. You need to choose a more appropriate sexual position according to your height and doll. If you are too anxious to insert, you can start with finger first, then once dilated, you can put it in.